Abacus Math Tutoring Junior Program: Math Strategies That Work

Great online learning providers can make digital learning feel personal. Providers adapt the best learning strategies used in traditional classrooms to help students learning remotely. Here are some fundamental math learning strategies used by providers that offer things like junior math programs.

Break Down to Basics

Even the most complicated math problems are solved by using basic mathematic processes and principles. Programs help students tackle daunting math problems by helping them break down to the basics.

By Tens: improving a student's proficiency at quickly adding, dividing, multiplying, and subtracting can free up mental space and stamina. Helping students count by is an exercise in estimating and refining. For instance, consider a problem like 327 + 388. To solve this problem quickly, your child can use the counting-by-ten problem-solving strategy. Instead of adding 327, round the number up or down to the nearest 10: 330. Next, do the same to 388: 390. Now, your child can quickly tackle the problem. After adding these rounded integers, they can subtract or add the amount they round up or down. For this example, they should end up with 715. Using this technique can help them avoid getting bogged down when following the order of operations dictated by a problem.

Teaching to Learn

One of the highest forms of mastery is teaching. Some of the best online learning providers boost learning and achievement by empowering students to teach mathematical concepts.

Help Me Solve a Problem: the abstract nature of math problems can sometimes fail to fully engage students. One strategy used in programs is to teach a tutor or peer how to solve a real-life problem using math. For instance, if a student is hoping to earn enough money to buy the latest gaming console, a teacher might ask a student how to figure that out using basic algorithm. The goal will not only be arriving at an answer but also explaining how the student figured it out and what other options might be available. In explaining how a student arrived at the answer, they can build confidence and forge meaningful connections between math and real life. This learning strategy can be used as a summative assignment for a learning unit or as a way to prepare for major exams and quizzes.

If you think that a tutoring program like this would help your student, look for a local one. Programs like the Abacus Tutoring Junior Program are all around the country.