4 Fun Ways To Show Young Kids Love On A School Day

Going to preschool can feel like a grand new adventure to little ones. They get to have fun, meet friends, and learn a lot of cool, new things. However, one of the hard parts of preschool for kids can be separation from a parent. For some kids, it is the first time that they are away from a parent for hours at a time. Showering your children in love throughout the day can make the transition easier. Consider these four ways to show young kids love on each school day.

Express Your Affection with a Fun Phrase as They Get out of the Car

When your children are about to get out of the car for a brand new, exciting day at preschool, express how you feel about them in a fun way. You may try to express your love in a fun, quirky way. For example, you could tell them that you love them more than cows love mooing or cats love meowing. Keep it silly.

Leave A Short "Love You" Note in Their Lunch Box

Let your kids know how much you adore them by leaving a little note in their lunch box each day. Try to switch it up and say something different each day for at least a month at a time, but don't sweat it. Any phrase that shows your love is good. A simple note that says how proud you are is another way of showing that love.

State the Reasons You Love Your Children on the Ride Home

As your drive your little ones home from school, talk to them about why you love them. You probably can think of a million reasons why you love your kids – at least when they are not fighting with each other. Heap praise on them, and you will make them want to be on their best behavior because they will feel great about themselves and so loved.

Hold Hands on an Afternoon Walk Around the Block

Small little actions of affection can mean a lot to small children, too. Take their hand when you go for a walk around the block after school. Spending time with them while being affectionate goes a long way to helping them understand your love. The little things and simple moments can have a big impact on your kids' overall self-esteem.

Finally, keep in mind that your kids will continue to look to you for love and approval as they grow up, and the more freely you express it, the more secure they will be. By finding little ways to express your love each day, you can help the bond between you and your child deepen. Your child is more apt to thrive in preschool and in life when they are showered with adoration and secure in your love. Click here for info on how to enhance your child's experience at preschool.