3 Things Parents Can Do To Encourage Early Reading Skills And A Love For Books

One of the best things you can do for your child is help them to develop a love for reading. Reading is such an important part of academic success, which is why it is vital that you start early to ensure that a child enjoys reading. Here are some things you can do as a parent to help your child learn to read and learn to love it.

1. Talk About Sounds Early

Learning to read doesn't have to be formal. You don't have to sit down with your child and do official lessons; instead, it can simply be playing games or casually saying, "the S letter makes the sssssss sound" while doing other things around the house. As soon as the child has learned the ABC's they may be ready to start putting sounds to the letters. If it becomes just a part of life and not something formal, they may be more inclined to remember what sounds are made from each letter.

2. Make Reading To Your Child A Special Time

When you read with your child you should try to make it a special time that they can look forward to. Don't make it a chore, like something you need to check off your list of things to do. If the child feels like they have to read in order to do something else they really want to do, then reading won't seem like a fun thing to do. You as a parent can set the foundation for how the child will view reading.

Some things that you can do to help the child love reading time is to let them chose the books, even if it is the same book over and over again. Repetition can actually help with learning to read. Let them go at their own pace, looking at pictures and enjoying the book. And as they get older use your finger to follow the letters so that they can start to see what certain words look like.

3. Let The Child Choose The Pace

You may want your child to be reading for kindergarten, but some children simply have no desire. If your child is showing little desire to read, but enjoys reading books with you, let them choose the pace. Don't put pressure on them to read. If you do, you may stifle their love for books and reading.

By doing these things parents can encourage early reading skills and a love for books.