Training And Certification Options For Prospective Nannies

Becoming a nanny for the perfect family can be an excellent career choice if you enjoy children and want to provide one-on-one care and mentoring. The best nanny jobs are often highly sought after, so you will want to make sure you are the best candidate for the position. The following are some training and certification options that can make your resume more attractive to potential employers.

First aid certification

First aid certification shows that you have received instruction on how to perform basic first aid in the even of an emergency. Most courses will cover common issues like bleeding, burns, choking response, and allergic reactions. You can even take courses in pet first aid, which may help you land a job with a family that has pets.

CPR Certification

CPR certification can be taken alone or as part of a the first aid certification. Better known to many as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, this equips you with the knowledge to handle an emergency where one of your charges is not breathing. When looking for a CPR class, make sure to choose one that also covers how to perform the life saving maneuver on children and infants. Some classes only focus on adult patients.

Defensive driving class

If you are applying for positions that will require you to drive around the children, consider taking a defensive driving course. These courses teach you how to drive more safely, even in the event of extenuating circumstances or distractions. Having one of these on your resume indicates to prospective families that you put safety first.

Nanny certification

There is no definitive certification required of nannies, but there are professional organizations that provide training and certification. Training usually covers safety topics, basic child and infant care, and behavioral management. Having this certification shows dedication to your pursuit to provide quality child care, which can help prospective families feel more confident in your abilities to care for their children.

Water safety training

Although not necessary, this training comes in handy if a prospective employer has a pool or expects you to take the children to a swimming area at a lake or beach often. It can make you more attractive than other candidates that don't have the training, as well, even if it isn't specifically necessary. Water safety is offered by many municipal pools, YMCAs, and Red Cross training centers, so it takes very little effort to get the training.

Even training and certifications that don't seem necessary can be helpful, because they show your dedication to your chosen career. For more information, contact a business such as American Heart Association - AED $40 CPR LLC - Certification Training Classes.